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Lundorf Thusgaard Advokatfirma har 1 ansatte advokater og ligger i Aarhus C . Denne side har ikke noget med Lundorf Thusgaard Advokatfirma at gøre. Du har mulighed for at kontake Lundorf Thusgaard Advokatfirma ved hjælp af telefontnummer 87310800 eller email info@lundorf-thusgaard.dk

Dimitrios Spiliopoulos

28. september 2015

It is my privilege to recommend Rasmus Thusgaard as an excellent lawyer. He is able to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for each case that is assigned to his workload. Rasmus is a very thorough and competent professional who always has my company's (Tandlægeselskabet Dental Smile Clinic ApS) best interests in mind. He never missed a scheduled meeting and he always took my calls. What I especially like about Rasmus is his ability to remain calm in crisis situations.

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